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International Meeting “Youth, European economic periphery and social fracture”

 Il 22 e 23 novembre a Madrid si svolgerà un meeting di studenti dei paesi europei periferici con gli economisti critici Economy 4 YOUTHS Il bel sito dove sono anche altri dettagli è questo: Terrò la relazione di apertura, e debbo dire è una cosa che mi fa assai piacere perché in Spagna, dove non c'è l'effetto soporifero Monti, ji sembra che studenti ed economisti siano assai più avanti in un concreto lavoro collettivo. Qui c'è la presentazione (segue il programma). Se ci sono volontari per la traduzione, di modo da poterla rilanciare sopartutto sui siti dei movimenti giovanili, sono benvenuti. L'Unione Europea, bontà sua, ha fianziato. 
LINK e Unione degli studenti hanno aderito e invieranno rappresentanti.

Europe: Fractures, inequality and periphery

The recession is having devastating effects on economical, social, political and institutional issues. The situation is getting worse daily, and forecasts for the global economy are bleak. This crisis is particularly destructive for countries like Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal, and others situated in the periphery of Europe, impoverishing parts of the population, and leaving young people without a present, or a future.
It has become increasingly evident that the established bases for the government’s economical policies are proven wrong, while it has also become clear that a privileged few are taking advantage of this mistake. For a long time, this has resulted in fomenting strikes, mirroring the indignation amongst the population, and trying to show their inconformity, demand for new politics and horizons and above all, solutions. Many critical economists, committed to social movements, have started to refute the supposed fundamentals, upon which our daily politics are based, by formulating alternative proposals.
The group of economists that compose EconoNuestra, want to contribute with this debate, and so, we have organised for November 22nd and 23rd, an encounter with other economists from Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, together with citizens concerned about the problem, and participants of social networks and movements. We have given it the title “Juventud, periferia económica europea y fractura social”, or, “Youth, European economic periphery and social division”.

Our main aim is that this encounter leads to an open debate, as well as to provide constructive criticism of our contemporary economies and the priorities that should prevail in each country, and moreover, in the European Union, so as to reach alternative economic politics.
For this occasion, we have prepared a document named “Los países periféricos en una Europa fracturada” that means “Peripheral countries in a divided Europe”, with the interest of starting a debate, putting ideas and proposals on the table that we consider relevant. We would like to invite you to participate in this initiative, and feel free to let us know all of your ideas, and your proposals that you think are fundamental and necessary (



Asociación de Estudiantes de Economía alternativa

Unione degli Studenti

LINK Coordinamento Universitario




MORNING SESSION – Círculo de Bellas Artes. “Ramón Gómez de la Serna” hall, (Alcalá 42 street)
9.15 to 9.30 – Opening
9.30 to 11.30 – “Structural Fractures and crisis in Europe”

  • Speaker: Sergio Cesaratto, Professor of Economics. University of Siena (Italia)
  • Commentator: Jorge Uxó. Professor of Economics. Castilla-La Mancha University (Spain)
11.30 to 12.00 – Coffee pause
12.00 to 14.00 – Round table “ Solutions to the crisis from the periphery”

  • Euclides Tsakalotos. Professor at Athens University and Parliament member for Syriza (Greece).
  • José C. Caldas. Centre for Social Studies (CES). Coimbra University (Portugal).
  • Bibiana Medialdea. Professor of Economics. Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).
EVENING SESSION -  FUHEM Espacio Abierto (Duque de Sesto 40 street)
16.30 to 20.00 – Round tables

  • “Labour market and job insecurity: The challenge of employment
  • “There are solutions to the crisis. The voices of the young”


MORNING SESSION -  FUHEM Open Space (Duque de Sesto 40 street)
11.00 – Presentation of the Manifest to the media

  • Ángel Tablas. President of the FUHEM Foundation.
  • Fernando Luengo. Professor of Applied Economics. Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Sergio Cesaratto. Professor of Economics. University of Siena.
  • Euclides Tsakalotos. Professor at Athens University and Parliament member for Syriza.
  • José C. Caldas. Centre for Social Studies (CES). Coimbra University.

EVENING SESSION -  FUHEM Open Space (Duque de Sesto 40 street)
19.00 – Public presentation of the Manifest to the civil society

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