sabato 16 giugno 2012

The Euro: manage it or leave it! Il programma di un convegno a Pescara

Alberto Bagnai ha organizzato un bel workshop a Pescara, qui c'è il programma, chi si trovasse da quelle parti venga!
INFER Workshop on:
The Euro: manage it or leave it!
The economics, social and political costs of crisis exit strategies
June 22-23, Faculty of Economics, Gabriele d'Annunzio University
Viale Pindaro, 42, 65127 Pescara (Italy)

 In partnership with:
Workshop programme
Friday June 22, morning
Opening session
9:00-9:30 - Registration9:30-10:00 - Welcome adresses:
  • Anna Morgante - Dean, Faculty of Economics, "Gabriele d'Annunzio" University
  • Piergiorgio Landini - Head, Department of Economics, "Gabriele d'Annunzio" University
  • Alberto Bagnai - Department of Economics, local organizer
10:00-11:00 - Keynote speech: Roberto Frenkel (University of Buenos Aires and CEDES),Lessons from a comparative analysis of financial crises.11:00-11:15 - Coffee break11:15-13:15 - First session
Chairman: Jan Van Hove (KU Leuwen, Belgium),Chair of the INFER Board 
13:15-14:30 - Buffet lunch 14:30-16:30 - Second session
Chairman: Elias Soukiazis (Coimbra University, Portugal), Member of the INFER Board
16:30-16:45 - Coffee break16:45-18:45 - Third session
Chairman: Alberto Bagnai (Gabriele d'Annunzio University, Italy)
  • Shinnick, Edward (University College Cork, Ireland) "Real economic activity leading indicators: should we have paid more attention?" (with Geraldine Ryan; discussant: Zuzana Studnicka)
  • Soukiazis, Elias (University of Coimbra, Portugal) "Causes of the decline of economic growth in Italy and the responsibility of euro. A balance of payments approach." (with Pedro André Cerqueira, Micaela Antunes; discussant: Edward Shinnick)
  • Studnicka, Zuzana (KU Leuwen) "How distinct is distance? An international trade perspective" (with Jan Van Hove, Filip Abraham; discussant: Elias Soukiazis)
Friday June 22, evening
20:30 - Gala dinner
Saturday June 23, morning
9:00-11:00 - Fourth session 
  • Presbitero, Andrea (Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy) "External imbalances and financial fragility in the euro area" (with Pietro Alessandrini, Michele Fratianni, Andrew Hughes Hallet; presented in; working paper version; discussant: Václav Zdarek)
  • Van Hove, Jan (KU Leuwen) "The global crisis and dynamics in European trade" (discussant: Andrea Presbitero)
  • Zdarek, Václav (University of Warwick) "Sovereign debt crises, multiple equilibria outcomes and debt dynamics - a brief survey of approaches and possible solutions" (discussant: Jan Van Hove).
11:00-11:15 - Coffee break11:15-13:00 - Round table: Assessing the costs of euro break-up.13:00-13:30 - Closing speech: Ugo Panizza (UNCTAD), Public Debt and Growth. The problem with Currency Unions.13:30 - Buffet lunch

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